Rug hooking is both an art and a craft.  Take yourself back in time and enjoy an old artisan craft in todays modern world.  

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What is Rug Hooking

Woolen folk art 

Darci Spilman / Artist

Patterns, hand dyed wool  and hooked projects for sale

all about ..... ​​WOOLEN FOLK ART ....  Artist darci spilman ....  chagrin falls, ohio

  • If you are interested in making a hooked rug the process is very simple with very few tools needed . WATCH MY VIDEOS
  • Rug Hooking primitive designs are easy to draw and often come from the artists home, surroundings and the heart
  • The real magic comes when hand dyed wools are used to create a truly unique work of art.  I like to think of it as coloring with wool.

Turn your rug project into a .....

  • Pillow 
  • Table Runner  
  • Chair Pad
  • Wall Hanging
  • Rug for the floor
  • ​Purse


About the wool: Fabric is my passion and specifically working with wool is what I enjoy most.  I search high and low for high quality 100% wool.  Once the wool arrives in my studio it is washed and dried to fluff.  Now the fun begins!  

Dying the wool:  Creating colors that are soft, earthy, and using those colors more or less to create the multitude of shades.  Each dye bath is unique as I mix and match solid and textured wools of different shades and colors to create the bundles for sale listed in section "HAND DYED WOOL BUNDLES" .  If you are looking for individual colors check out my section:  "HAND DYED WOOL SINGLES" which allows buyers to pick specific colors and size per order.  

About the patterns:  The patterns I prefer are very simple in design with inspiration coming from nature.  As a painting major at the Cleveland Institute of Art we learned how to create cohesive works balancing color and imagery.  Now is use the wool colors to paint my designs on Belgian Linen. 



I have been an artist my entire life.  My interest in color and shapes began with a coloring book.  My interest in fabric came from 4H Sewing when I was in grade school.  I continued on to college and studied ceramics and painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Through the past 30 years I have been making artwork for my home and all the family members who so graciously accepted my gifts.  In other words, I needed to make things and gave them away.  

Now that I'm retired and my children have left the nest I'm working on my favorite craft which is rug hooking.  In order to satisfy my need for creating I took a very large step and entered my application into a local art show.  That was in 2015 and from that show, Art by the Falls, I made contacts to other shows and have learned how to support my work with the sale of products.  

Everyday I begin with an endless list of "to do's" and find myself busy dying wool, sending orders out around the world, and creating inventory for my upcoming shows.  The ETSY shop came about so I could share my wool and patterns with other "hookers".  People who enjoy working with their hands and fabric, specifically hand dyed wool, enjoy my unique bundles of wool.  I have shipped all around the world, just last week a large 6 bundle package went to Tokyo, and another off to the Netherlands.  

I remember attending my first rug hooking show at a local art center gallery and had no idea it would take me where I am today.  I belong to a local RUG HOOKING GUILD  (western reserve rug hooking guild) and attend monthly meeting.  


​I live in a beautiful, natural community along the Chagrin River in Northeastern Ohio just outside Cleveland, Ohio.  My studio is in my home and I enjoy working outside in my back yard which is next to a forest.  I enjoy dying wool in the basement and hanging the beautiful panels outside to dry.  When I get an ETSY order I take a walk to the local post office which is just a half mile down the street.  Chagrin Falls is a beautiful part of the country and I'm so fortunate to call it home.