Welcome! Did you know the rug hookers have been around since the 1800's?

Today RUG HOOKERS use the same process of pulling fabric strips up through a backing, but oh do we have more wools and patterns to choose from than they did back in 1800.  The growing craft of rug hooking and punch needle gives us many artistic patterns designs, hand dyed wools, and other materials to use in today's modern world.  

Whether you're looking to learn about Rug Hooking or buying materials to start your own project, we can help.  The pages of this website cover some basics to get you started.  The "SHOP NOW" tab takes you to my store.  

Barnyard Chickens original design by Darci Spilman. Copyright 2018.  Pattern offered in three sizes.  Click HERE

Rug hooking by Darci Spilman
rug hooking pattern by Darci Spilman, Chicken rug hooking, Primitive Rug Hooking, Rug hooking patterns

Cut the wool into strips using fabric cutter.  I hook the fabric strips holding underneath the linen with a tool to create beautiful heirloom rugs from 100% hand dyed wool.  

Rug Hooking
slow movement
Rug Hooking with Wool, Woolen Folk Art

Darci Spilman / fiber Artist

Rug Hooking Pattern Woolen Folk Art
Rug Hooking Woolen Folk Art

Woolen folk art 

Sustainable Art and Rug Hooking  

How awesome is it to work with a material such as wool that comes from sheering the sheep only to have it grow back again after the sheering.  It's an endless amount of wool material that keep coming.  This is the essence of rug hooking with wool.  The feeling of the wool in hand while working and the finished product has a rich aesthetic quality to it.  Beautifully Natural!

Slow Movement and Rug Hooking

What is the "Slow Movement"?  ​In this day of FAST FAST FASTER...... it is so nice to slow down and work with our hands to create a one of a kind quality product rather than mass production.  QUALITY NOT QUANTITY!!!!  The movement started in Europe and is fast spreading around the world.  There is a therapeutic aspect to working with ones hands to produce a work of art.  Rug hooking is slow and methodical.  The end results are breathtaking and last for generations.  Priceless!